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Vanuatu attachment - Nov 2010
Thursday, 18 November 2010 14:49

In November 2010, Lucy Joy, National Tuna Data Coordinator from Vanuatu, followed several training sessions with various players of the OFP Data management team.

During this one week attachment, she was given :

  • an introduction to WCPFC Tuna Fisheries
  • training on Tuna Fisheries data collection, management and dissemination principles. She is now more familiar with the different types of data and the regional and national requirements.
  • training on database system such as the TUFMAN Database System or the Catch and Effort Query System (CES)
Electronic Reporting Initiatives
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 15:15

Fishery data collected through a variety of sources (e.g. by vessels, observers, port samplers, agents) are essential to the work of the SPC/OFP in assessing the status of the tuna stocks in the western and central Pacific Ocean, with the output scientific advice used by the WCPFC, other regional or sub-regional organisations (e.g., FFA, PNA) and individual SPC members to manage the fishery.

Fishery data are collected and provided in hard-copy form but there is no widespread nor sustainable Electronic Reporting (“E-Reporting) occurring in the WCPFC tropical tuna fisheries at this stage, despite the clear advantages evident with the establishment of this type of data collection in other fisheries.

E-Reporting in the context of WCPFC Tuna Fisheries is the electronic recording of data “in the field” by vessel captains/officers/crew and fisheries department field staff (e.g. observers, port samplers) according to pre-determined data collection protocols and forms.

The main area where E-reporting has been identified as providing significant efficiency gains is with OBSERVER and LOGSHEET DATA.

The SPC/OFP has been requested by several of their member countries to investigate the potential of E-Reporting in collaboration with the FFA, WCPFC and the PNAO. To date, SPC has developed two main products which are currently undergoing trials in SPC member countries: 

  • eTUBS: On-board observer data entry 
  • eTUNALOG: Smart data entry form management system

SPC/OFP is also collaborating with the WCPFC to look at the broader requirements of E-Reporting in the region.

In-country secure web module
Friday, 09 July 2010 13:35

The country web pages have been designed to respond to the Countries need for easily accessible information on fisheries data. The module provides countries with a secure access to several sources of fisheries information, such as:

  • A summary showing the status of the data processing / provision of data to OFP, for catch logsheets, port sampling and observer data
  • Catch and effort statistics in the WCPO by gear type and flag
  • Catch and effort statistics in the country EEZ, by gear type and flag
  • Maps of fishing effort in the EEZ, by gear type, flag and year
  • Graphs of CPUE trends by gear type and main tuna species
  • Summary of port sampling statistics, by gear and flag
  • Length frequency graphs by gear and main tuna species
  • Observer data statistics, by gear and flag
Annual Tuna Data Workshop (TDW)
Monday, 21 February 2011 10:12

The OFP conduct regional Tuna Data Workshops (TDW) on an annual basis at the SPC Noumea headquarters. These workshops are conducted over one week during April each year and are attended by tuna data coordinators from SPC member countries and other small-island developing countries belonging to the WCFPC (Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam). These workshops are conducted jointly with the OFP Fishery Monitoring Section. The TDW covers a number of topics on tuna fishery data collection and ·management, including:

  • National Reports on the status of data collection and management
  • Review of Annual catch estimates for provision to the WCPFC
  • Review of other scientific data to be provided to the WCPFC
  • Preparation of the WCPFC National Fishery Reports for the Scientific Committee
  • Review of recent data issues in the national tuna fisheries
  • Review and resolution of problems in data collection systems
  • Legal aspects of collecting fisheries data
  • Auditing data collection and management systems


Regional Tuna Fisheries Databases
Thursday, 25 June 2009 16:02


The SPC-OFP is responsible for the development and maintenance of the collective regional tuna fisheries database which provides both direct and in-direct benefits to their member countries.  


The collective regional tuna fisheries databases comprise nine types of fishery data



Enhancing the Capacity of PICTs to Manage their Fisheries Data
Thursday, 25 June 2009 16:05

The OFP provide a number of capacity-building services to their member countries to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing their tuna fisheries data, thereby ensure the long-term sustainability of national fishery data management systems. These services include:

National Data Management Services & Capacity Building
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 15:02


The OFP Data Management Section manages the regional tuna fisheries databases which include the comprehensive data provided by SPC member countries. This section provides technical assistance and capacity building for establishing and developing tuna fishery data management systems for member countries.

eTUBS: On-board observer entry
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:38

eTUBS is a web-based OBSERVER database management system developed by the SPC/OFP to enter purse seine and longline observer data collected on the SPC/FFA Regional standard observer forms.

Previous versions of this system (e.g. TUBS) have been used at SPC for more than 15 years and this latest web-based version is also installed and operational in the WCPFC offices, FFA offices (for the US purse seine Treaty observer programme), in addition to the offices of PNG National Fisheries Authority and Solomon Islands Fisheries on a trial basis.

Data management Training Attachments at SPC
Monday, 21 February 2011 09:47

The OFP provide customised training attachments on data management to their member countries. Training attachments are usually conducted over one week at the SPC Noumea headquarters. The main output of the training is enhanced skills and knowledge to better manage fisheries data, with the trainee required to produce a report by the end of the attachment to demonstrate the acquisition of these new capabilities. The training attachments are designed to deal with specific requirements for each member country and can be tailored to concentrate on one or a number of topics, including:

  • Overview of tuna fisheries in the WCPO, including basic information on each species
  • Methods for improving coverage of tuna fisheries data
  • Training in the database systems provided to member countries (TUFMAN, CES, Observer trip viewer, etc.)
  • Advanced database development training (only for counterparts with appropriate database development skills)
  • Training in GIS
  • Preparation of data summaries for reports required by the national fisheries office (WCPFC Scientific Committee National Fishery Report, Annual fisheries division report, access negotiation briefs, etc.)
  • Progress on National Procedures document (for data collection and management)

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