Western Central Pacific Tuna Fisheries Commission
Overall Agreement: SPC/WCPFC MOU
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:57

The Commission and the SPC agree to establish and maintain cooperation in respect of matters of common interest to the two organizations. In particular, the Commission and the SPC will:

  • encourage reciprocal participation in relevant meetings of each organization;
  • encourage the collaboration of national scientists in the scientific work undertaken by, or on behalf of, the Commission;
  • actively and regularly exchange relevant meeting reports, information, project plans, documents, and publications regarding matters of mutual interest, up to the limits allowed by the information-sharing policies agreed by each organization’s members; and
  • consult on a regular basis to enhance cooperation and minimize duplication.
In addition, some agreement was made on the following points: 
  • Provision of Scientific Services to the Commission by the SPC OFP
  • Provision of Assistance to Commission Members 
  • Financial Support
  • General Administrative Arrangements 
View the full document: icon 2010 - SPC/WCPFC MOU (38.67 kB)
Bieye tuna biology
Friday, 15 October 2010 11:26
This project is being implemented to provide quantitative data on the spatial and temporal variation in the growth rate and reproductive biology of bigeye tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean for direct use in the  stock assessments for this species.  The project is currently focussing upon the Palau, FSM and Marshall Islands area of Micronesia and observers, fisheries officers and the tuna industry are collaborating with SPC, CSIRO, IATTC, Japan and the University of Hawaii to collect gonads and otoliths from fish caught in the EEZs of these countries for analysis in the laboratory.  Training observers in the methods and protocols for collecting these samples has been a significant component of this project and the regional observer program now has capacity for undertaking the collection of biological samples across the region.  Results from the project are expected to be included in the 2011 bigeye stock assessment.  
Tuna Tagging
Friday, 15 October 2010 11:31
Tuna tagging programmes are a major tool for advancing the scientific knowledge available to resource managers to evaluate and appropriately manage tuna fisheries. Data from these programmes provide information on tuna population dynamics that are otherwise difficult to obtain (e.g., natural mortality, size selectivity, catchability and movement). Consequently, tagging studies make an ideal complement to traditional stock assessment approaches and almost always improve the accuracy and precision of the key management quantities being estimated. 
Project components
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 16:03
Regional Observer Programme (ROP)
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 08:03
The Regional Observer Programme (ROP) was established on the 15th February 2008, through the ‘Conservation and Management Measure for the Regional Observer Programme – CMM 2007-01’.  CMM 2007-01 provides for the gradual development of the ROP through existing regional, sub-regional and national observer programmes.  The definition of an ROP trip and the requirement by Cooperating Commission Members (CCMs) to provide ROP data to the WCPFC Secretariat have been clearly stated in the Convention and in CMM 2007-01.  

Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS)
Friday, 15 October 2010 13:18


The Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS) focuses on bycatch mitigation and management in oceanic tuna and billfish fisheries*. It is an open resource useful for fishery managers, fishers, scientists, observers, educators and anyone with an interest in fisheries management. As a reference and educational tool, the BMIS aims to support the adoption and implementation of science-based management measures so that bycatch is managed comprehensively and sustainably.


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