Support for national tuna fishery monitoring
Provision of Sampling Material
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Details of support available
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The following paragraphs give more specific details of  the support that is provided and available to countries by the Fishery Monitoring Section.   

 In-country visits

Fishery Monitoring section staff are available for travel to give guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Implementation of new data collection programme
  • General advice for tuna data collection programmes
  • Auditing and post-audit reviews of the existing data collection programme
  • Documenting and updating national tuna data procedures documents.
  • Carrying  out capacity building (see below)
  • Reviewing  current resource requirements (see below)


Capacity Building

Support for resource requirements


  • Staff positions


Currently full or partial funding for staff positions working in the fishery monitoring area            (i.e. national tuna data coordinator, observer coordinator, and industry liaison or data entry staff) are available. These funds are distributed with the understanding that the positions will be fully integrated into the normal staff structure at the end of the funding period.

  • Equipment

Funding for equipment to support the collection and management of tuna data is available. Generally items such as computers, document scanners, network servers and sampling equipment (i.e. data forms, calipers, deck tape) can be considered.

    • Regional standard data forms

The regional standard tuna data forms are reviewed by the SPC / FFA Data Collection Committee (DCC) and made available on the OFP-SPC website. Printed copies can also be distributed from SPC. This is especially useful for samplers (observer and port samplers) who often require large quantities of data forms and on specialised paper. The regional standard tuna data collection forms are available on-line at:


Resource materials



A selection of printed and video resource materials are continuously being made available and updated to help with in-country reference material.


Funding of Positions
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