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Regional Tuna Fisheries Databases
Thursday, 25 June 2009 16:02


The SPC-OFP is responsible for the development and maintenance of the collective regional tuna fisheries database which provides both direct and in-direct benefits to their member countries.  


The collective regional tuna fisheries databases comprise nine types of fishery data




  • Operational catch and effort logsheet data
  • Aggregated catch and effort data
  • Annual catch estimates
  • Port Sampling data
  • Unloadings data
  • Observer-reported catch/effort data
  • Aggregated size frequency data
  • Tagging data
  • Biological data (e.g. otolith and stomach contents data)
At the regional level, tuna fishery data collected by member countries are used extensively for research and monitoring purposes. For example, the SPC-OFP uses the data in the regional tuna fisheries database to assess the state of exploitation of the stocks [on behalf of member countries, the WCPFC, FFA and the PNA] and to study interactions between the different fleets operating in the region. Monitoring of the fisheries includes the biannual publication of statistics compiled from the catch and effort database in the WCPFC Tuna Bulletin and through publication of the WCPFC Tuna Fishery Yearbook.  Tuna fishery data also provide important information for Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) activities and are used in economic and social science studies.

The SPC-OFP provide member countries with a sub-set of the regional tuna fisheries database with software query tools to facilitate the extraction of summary tables, graphs and maps to assist in the decision-making processes related to the management of their tuna fisheries and satisfy their reporting obligations to the WCPFC. Member countries also contact SPC-OFP on a regular basis with a variety of ad hoc requests for summarized data prepared from the regional tuna database. 

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