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How to import smart PDF data file (XML) into TUFMAN
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:14

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After you have received the Smart PDF trip data (XML file), and validated it with the corresponding scan of the signed and stamped logsheet, you will have to upload/import the trip data into your TUFMAN software

Follow these instructions to do so:






  • Save the received XML file into a network folder of your choice
  • Open TUFMAN, and go in the ADMIN options. Select "Import Smart PDF data"

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  • Click on "Select" button to select the XML file (go and get it from where you saved it)

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  • Click on "Process XML" button: this process should take at least a couple of minutes (can take longer).

    If the system doesn't recognize the vessel, or one of the species, it will display a window for you to manually select the corresponding information. If you click on "Cancel", it will associate "OTH" (other species) as the corresponding species code.

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  • Once this pre-processing has been completed, you should see the vessel and trip dates on the form. At this stage, the trip has been imported into temporary tables for review.

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  • Click on review the trip and look for potential errors (wrong date of return, duplicate unloading record,...). FYI, if you have some duplicate unloading records, you just have to select the small arrow next to the unloading record and press delete, then confirm. This would delete the selected record.

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  • When finished reviewing the trip (and potentially updating some of the values) click on "Continue" button



  • Click on "Check Trip": this should check whether you already have the trip stored in your database. If not then it will ask you to run Stage 3.

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  • If a duplicate trip exists, the system will show you both trips and ask you to either cancel the import (therefore keep the existing trip), or delete the existing trip and then re-run stage 2 for importing the new trip.

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  • Click on the "Import Trip" button. This should import your XML trip into the live database. Feel free to go in the PS logsheet form after import to view the trip.

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