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Tuna Fishery Monitoring
Monday, 19 July 2010 10:57
The Fisheries Monitoring Section works in collaboration with the Data Management Section to achieve Objective 2 of the OFP Work Plan: "Accurate and comprehensive scientific data for regional and national fisheries management authorities on fisheries targeting the region’s resources of tuna, billfish and other oceanic species".
The Fisheries Monitoring Section is particularly concerned with Output 2.2, "Enhanced national fishery monitoring and data management systems" and Output 2.3, "Enhanced capacity of PICTs to monitor fisheries, manage and use data".
The OFP has provided support to SPC member countries and territories for tuna fisheries monitoring since port sampling and observer programmes were implemented by several members in the early 1990s. Since then, the scope of the support has expanded to cover all elements of national tuna fishery monitoring.
Over the years, support has been provided to 20 members and has included advice on the structure fishery monitoring systems, funding of national staff and the provision of sampling equipment, in additional to technical support for sampling programmes; the support that has been provided to SPC members is summarised here.
The OFP has also developed tuna fishery sampling protocols to ensure that sampling data are representative and unbiased. Recent work on the sampling of the species composition of the catches taken by purse seiners is summarised here.
Capacity building is an important activity of the Fisheries Monitoring Section. A summary of workshops, courses and attachments related to capacity building is provided here.
The Fisheries Monitoring Section has been closely involved in the development of Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observer (PIRFO) standards, in collaboration with SPC members, the Forum Fisheries Agency and the Secretariat of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. The PIRFO website is located here.
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