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Ecosystem Monitoring Section
# Name Position Phone
1 Bruno Leroy Fisheries Scientist - Tuna tagging field & data coordination; species biology & behaviour
2 Valérie Allain Fisheries Scientist - Trophic interactions; environmental variability; biodiversity and habitats (GEF-OFMP project)
3 Sylvain Caillot Fisheries IT Officer - Website management, Database development; tagging data quality control
4 Thomas Peatman Tagging data analyst +687 26 20 00
5 Caroline Sanchez Fisheries Technician - Coordination of tag recovery and tag seeding (EU-SciFish project)
6 Francois Roupsard Research Assistant - Tag recovery / Biological sampling
7 Élodie Vourey Laboratory Assistant - Processing and analysis of biological samples
8 Melanie Bunel Laboratory Assistant – Processing and Analysis of biological samples – Otolithometry
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