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National Advice & Reports
Thursday, 28 October 2010 08:36

Pacific Island developing Countries and Territories (PICTs) are each responsible for the management of the tuna (and associated species) fisheries that occur within their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Scientific advice regarding these fisheries and the resources that they exploit forms one critical component of the information base upon which national fishery managers make decisions about how to best manage the tuna fisheries operating within their EEZs.


Currently, scientific advice regarding the tuna resources and their interactions with in-zone and regional tuna fisheries is predominantly provided by scientists from the OFP-SPC. However, it is also a well recognised long-term goal of most if not all PICTs to increase internal capacity for scientific understanding, analyses and advice provision and reduce dependence on external sources.


SPC and FFA work with Niue on catch limits
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 09:06

While purse seining and skipjack tuna are the critical species for many of the equatorial Pacific Island countries, south Pacific albacore tuna is the key species for many of those south Pacific Island countries like Niue. Niue and other members of subregional groups such as Te Vaka Moana have been concerned at the recent expansion of fishing activity in the region on albacore tuna and are looking at ways to strengthen the management arrangements.

National Tuna Fishery Status Reports (NTFSRs)
Thursday, 28 October 2010 08:39

The NTFSRs form SPCs main delivery “vehicle” for scientific advice relating to tuna fisheries as provided to SPC member countries and territories. More specifically these reports serve a number of purposes, including to:



  1. Document scientific advice provided into Tuna Management Planning (TMP) and associated processes, including Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management consultations.
  2. Improve national government and stakeholder understanding of their domestic fisheries, fishery resources, and a range of factors influencing their performance.
  3. Provide a longer term reference source to assist the day to day decision making processes and work of the PICT governments.
  4. Improve OFP scientists understanding (and record) of fishery dynamics at the subregional level, to inform regional stock assessments and subregional analyses. FFA country NTFSRs are also now a reference source for the FFA fishery management advisory unit.


Attendance at National Fisheries Consultations
Thursday, 28 October 2010 08:47

In conjunction with the production of NTFSRs to support national tuna management planning processes, SPC is also committed to ensuring that OFP scientists attend and provide scientific inputs and advice as required to in-country national level Tuna Management Planning consultations and associated processes.


In general, SPC members request OFP attendance and support at such consultations at the same time as they request the production of the NTFSRs to feed into those processes.


The future
Thursday, 28 October 2010 08:48

Recently, SPC-OFP undertook a review of its program of national level scientific advice and support, and identified a number of potential improvements to how it might deliver more timely, concise and effective national level scientific advice and support to its member countries, so as to better meet their needs in the new and rapidly evolving Commission driven management environment.


Specifically, OFP has had two proposals endorsed by its members (via Heads of Fisheries meetings), these being:


  1. A proposal that, in future, much of the key fishery overview and other information currently provided through the hardcopy NTFSRs will be stored online in an actively updateable format which will be made available to its members through country-specific and secure websites hosted within the SPC-OFP website. SPC has sourced funding to implement this facility, which should be available by mid 2011.
  2. A proposal to start producing much shorter, issue-specific national reports, issued on a regular to semi-regular basis, depending on the topic. These issue specific reports will be developed for all countries in instances where multiple countries have come to SPC requesting similar analyses. This change is dependent on the establishment of the online facility and the acquisition of additional staffing resources.



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