Electronic Reporting Initiatives
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 15:15

Fishery data collected through a variety of sources (e.g. by vessels, observers, port samplers, agents) are essential to the work of the SPC/OFP in assessing the status of the tuna stocks in the western and central Pacific Ocean, with the output scientific advice used by the WCPFC, other regional or sub-regional organisations (e.g., FFA, PNA) and individual SPC members to manage the fishery.

Fishery data are collected and provided in hard-copy form but there is no widespread nor sustainable Electronic Reporting (“E-Reporting) occurring in the WCPFC tropical tuna fisheries at this stage, despite the clear advantages evident with the establishment of this type of data collection in other fisheries.

E-Reporting in the context of WCPFC Tuna Fisheries is the electronic recording of data “in the field” by vessel captains/officers/crew and fisheries department field staff (e.g. observers, port samplers) according to pre-determined data collection protocols and forms.

The main area where E-reporting has been identified as providing significant efficiency gains is with OBSERVER and LOGSHEET DATA.

The SPC/OFP has been requested by several of their member countries to investigate the potential of E-Reporting in collaboration with the FFA, WCPFC and the PNAO. To date, SPC has developed two main products which are currently undergoing trials in SPC member countries: 

  • eTUBS: On-board observer data entry 
  • eTUNALOG: Smart data entry form management system

SPC/OFP is also collaborating with the WCPFC to look at the broader requirements of E-Reporting in the region.

eTUBS: On-board observer entry
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:38

eTUBS is a web-based OBSERVER database management system developed by the SPC/OFP to enter purse seine and longline observer data collected on the SPC/FFA Regional standard observer forms.

Previous versions of this system (e.g. TUBS) have been used at SPC for more than 15 years and this latest web-based version is also installed and operational in the WCPFC offices, FFA offices (for the US purse seine Treaty observer programme), in addition to the offices of PNG National Fisheries Authority and Solomon Islands Fisheries on a trial basis.

eTUNALOG: Smart PDF Manager
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:14

The eTUNALOG product, developed by SPC/OFP, is an application designed to run on any Windows-based laptop/tablet/desk-top installed on-board commercial tuna fishing vessels operating in the WCPFC Area.

The eTUNALOG application is designed to replace the need for skippers to manually complete hard-copy vessel trip LOGSHEETS for submission to national and sub-regional authorities as a licensing condition.

At this stage, eTUNALOG covers the Purse Seine, as well as the Longline fishery (more recently).

How to import smart PDF data file (XML) into TUFMAN
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:14

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After you have received the Smart PDF trip data (XML file), and validated it with the corresponding scan of the signed and stamped logsheet, you will have to upload/import the trip data into your TUFMAN software

Follow these instructions to do so:






  • Save the received XML file into a network folder of your choice
  • Open TUFMAN, and go in the ADMIN options. Select "Import Smart PDF data"
More information ?
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 17:01

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