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Tuna Fisheries Data Management system (TUFMAN2)
Tuesday, 12 November 2019 13:28

TUFMAN 2 (Tuna Fisheries Data Management System) is a cloud-hosted, web database developed for Pacific Island Countries to manage their tuna fishery data.

It has been developed over many years and has evolved from a simple system to one that is becoming a comprehensive integrated web-based tuna data management tool.

Tufman 2 supports and integrates many types of tuna fisheries data and supports the major gears (longline, purse seine, pole-and-line) as well as artisanal vessels. The types of data supported include:

·         Logsheets (captain reported data)

·         Port sampling (measurement of fish at the port)

·         Unloadings (record of the catch unloaded from the boat)

·         Observer trips (collected by an independent observer on the boat)

·         Packing lists (data on fish being shipped to another location)

·         Vessel Activity Reports (counts of vessels leaving and entering the port)

·         Vessel Position Reports (reports from boats at sea)

·         VMS (regular automated vessel position reporting from a “black box” onboard)

TUFMAN 2 also receives data directly from a number of SPC-developed tablet based E-Reporting tools, including :

·         The TAILS mobile device app, used to collect various data from artisanal fisheries;

·         The ONBOARD app, used to collect logbook data onboard Longline vessels;

·         The ONSHORE app, used to collect port sampling data from longline vessels;

·         The OLLO app, used to collect observer data from longline vessels.

TUFMAN2 provides for secure data entry, data management, data quality control, data visualisation and administration, through a comprehensive interface accessible with authentication. The system relies on standardised data collection throughout the region, but there is some level of customization to accommodate for the needs of each individual countries.

Regional data sharing business rules have been incorporated to ensure authorised and efficient management of fisheries data amongst SPC member countries.

TUFMAN 2 incorporates a comprehensive data quality control engine, which includes a suite of automated data quality checks to quickly find common mistakes as well as comparison and reconciliation of the different types of data in the system. This engine improves the estimates of catch and effort statistics, highlights under-reporting and missing information and assists with calculation of coverage of data, vessel position conflicts, etc.

TUFMAN 2 also receives data (automatically) from other sub-regional and regional systems, such as the PNA FIMS, the RIMF VMS data and the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels.

Another online tool, the DORADO reporting system, interfaces with TUFMAN 2 to produce a wide range of integrated reports (i.e. reports using a single source or a combination of data types) to facilitate access to tuna fisheries data by SPC member countries. This web based reporting system currently features over 200 reports.

TUFMAN 2 and DORADO support mapping of fishery data, such as the mapping of the vessel track for a trip sourced from Logbook, observer and VMS on the same map. Special reports in DORADO cater for the countries’ flag-state reporting obligations to the WCPFC, and produce specific tables and figures defined in the WCPFC reporting template.

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