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Friday, 22 March 2013 08:22
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2013 Preparatory Stock Assessment Workshop
SPC, Noumea, New Caledonia
8 – 12 April 2013

The Preparatory Stock Assessment Workshop is a meeting convened by SPC-OFP, usually in April each year, to help prepare for the annual stock assessments being conducted by SPC-OFP for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).  The terms of reference for the meeting are:

  • To review the most recent completed assessments, in particular any concerns, suggestions and/or recommendations raised by the Scientific Committee, the Commission, research providers, individual CCMs, or any independent reviews;
  • To review preliminary work undertaken by the service provider (SPC-OFP) relating to the stock assessments, including any proposed:
    • Revisions to biological parameters
    • Revisions to historical data
    • Changes to structural assumptions in the model
    • Methodological issues, e.g. characterization of uncertainty
    • Standardized CPUE analysis
    • Incorporation of tagging data or other auxiliary data
  • To provide guidance to the SPC-OFP on:
    • The suitability of any proposed changes and any suggested additional work
    • A minimum set of model runs to be undertaken, in particular the range of key sensitivity analyses
    • Desired model diagnostics to be presented
    • Alternative modelling approaches that could be considered

The workshop is open to participation by scientific representatives all Commission CCMs and to other experts by invitation. CCMs will be expected to fund their own participation, although eligible CCMs may seek support from the Commission’s Special Requirements Fund or other sources, as appropriate.


Meeting information

1 - Terms of Reference SPC for 2013 Pre-assessment Workshop  icon (54.16 kB)
2 - Meeting announcement
 icon (55.09 kB)
3 - Draft meeting schedule  icon (15.76 kB)
4 - Reading list  icon (13.05 kB)


Key meeting papers

Independent review of 2011 wcpo bigeye tuna assessment  icon (Link)
SPC-OFP response to the independent review of the 2011 bigeye tuna assessment  icon (Link)
Management framework  icon (Link)
Guiding principles: development of reference points for WCPO fisheries  icon (Link)
Evaluating options: Rules to guide harvest management decisions  icon (Link)
Progress on the updated silky shark stock assessment in the WCPO  icon (Link)
Preliminary analysis of the potential impacts of wire traces on shark catches in WCPO tuna longline fisheries  icon (440.81 kB)
Update of progress towards a stock assessment for swordfish in the southern WCPO  icon (425.98 kB)
2013 ISSF Stock Assessment Workshop: Harvest Control Rules and Reference Points for Tuna RFMOs  icon (117.61 kB)
Purse seine catch review [Cordue]  icon (848.76 kB)
Purse seine catch review [Powers]  icon (2.65 MB)
Purse seine catch review [McArdle]  icon (85.1 kB)
F-based Limits  icon (80.59 kB)
Reference Biomass Period  icon (375.35 kB)


Information papers

Spatial size data stratification for length-based stock assessments  icon (Link)
Analyses of Japanese longline operational catch and effort for bigeye and yellowfin tuna in the WCPO  icon (Link)
Spatial distribution measures for the analysis of longline catch and effort data  icon (Link)
Spatial and temporal trends in yellowfin and bigeye longline CPUE for the Japanese fleet in WCPO  icon (Link)
Progress Towards a Stock Assessment for Swordfish in the southern WCPO including Standardized CPUE for Spanish Swordfish Fleet  icon (1.18 MB)
MULTIFAN-CL developments  icon(478.04 kB)
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