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Tuna Data Workshop #6, 23-27th April 2012
Friday, 03 December 2010 08:51

The regional Tuna Data Workshop is conducted on an annual basis for SPC member countries to improve their scientific tuna monitoring and data management capacity, and satisfy their data reporting obligations to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC). It will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of April 2010, in Noumea, New Caledonia

The workshop is targeted to “National Tuna Data Coordinators (NTDC)”, which are the focal points for the coordination of tuna fishery data collection and management.



1 - 6th Tuna Data Workshop - Meeting announcement (EN) icon (72.76 kB)
2 - 6ème Atelier Régional sur les Données Relatives à la Pêche Thonière - Annonce de réunion (FR) icon (73.88 kB)

3 - Indicative Schedule (draft)

icon (327.77 kB)
4 - National Report Template icon (40.33 kB)

5 - List of participants (draft)

icon(130.43 kB)


icon TDW-6 (P2) Progress With TDW-5 Recommendations (17.99 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P4.1) ACE - Overview (1.58 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P4.2) ACE - TUFMAN Methods (3.69 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P4.3) ACE - Reconciliation (1.09 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P5.1) Update On The Status Of Artisanal Tuna Fisheries Data Collection (6.59 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P5.3) Standardisation Of Reference Tables (draft) (600.68 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P5.4) Consequences Of Recent WCPFC Decisions (914.23 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P5.5) Transhippment Data Collection (draft) (1.43 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P6) SC Data Summaries Preparation (810.05 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P6.4) Information Management System (IMS) Initiatives - Copy (659.68 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P7.1) Update On The Implementation Of PS Spill Sampling (5.56 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P7.2) Debriefing Updates For Noumea Workshop 2012 (4.22 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P8) Legal Guidelines For Data (318 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P8.1)licence Guidelines Presentation (339.5 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.1) TUFMAN (1.29 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.1a) TUFMAN (1.12 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.2) Observer Database Systems (624.51 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.2) Observer Database Systems - Debriefing System (903.81 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.4) TUFMAN MCS MCSWG 2012 (1.12 MB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.5) Electronic Transfer Of Data (644.74 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P9.5) Scanning (968.33 kB)

icon TDW-6 (P10) Tufman Audit (875.4 kB)


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