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Thursday, 28 October 2010 08:36

Pacific Island developing Countries and Territories (PICTs) are each responsible for the management of the tuna (and associated species) fisheries that occur within their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Scientific advice regarding these fisheries and the resources that they exploit forms one critical component of the information base upon which national fishery managers make decisions about how to best manage the tuna fisheries operating within their EEZs.


Currently, scientific advice regarding the tuna resources and their interactions with in-zone and regional tuna fisheries is predominantly provided by scientists from the OFP-SPC. However, it is also a well recognised long-term goal of most if not all PICTs to increase internal capacity for scientific understanding, analyses and advice provision and reduce dependence on external sources.


The national level scientist(s) employed by OFP-SPC attempt to meet both sets of needs – delivery of relevant scientific advice to national governments as required (* the focus of this section) and the development and implementation of long term capacity building activities to increase internal national capacity for scientific advice provision in countries (please see Workshops & Training).


National level scientific advice is delivered via four main mechanisms:

  1. National Tuna Fishery Status Reports (NTFSRs)
  2. Direct attendance and consultation at Tuna Management Planning processes in-country
  3. Short reports in response to ad-hoc advice requests
  4. In-meeting support at regional scientific meetings

In general, the production of NTFSRs and attendance to national planning consultations occur in conjunction with one another, to support countries who are developing or revising their tuna management plans. Ad-hoc advice is provided at any time outside of those processes, upon request, and SPC also provides national level advice and support to countries at regional meetings, such as the Scientific Committee meeting.

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