Research Publications (2006)

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  • 2006 - Biomass, Size, and Trophic Status of Top Predators in the Pacific Ocean Tooltip

    (John Sibert, John Hampton, Pierre Kleibert, Mark Maunder). 2006. pdf 261k

    Fisheries have removed at least 50 million tons of tuna and other top-level predators from the Pacific Ocean pelagic ecosystem since 1950, leading to concerns about a catastrophic reduction in population biomass and the collapse of oceanic food chains. We analyzed all available data from Pacific tuna fisheries for 1950–2004 to provide comprehensive estimates of fishery impacts on population biomass and size structure. Current biomass ranges among species from 36 to 91% of the biomass predicted in the absence of fishing, a level consistent with or higher than standard fisheries management targets. Fish larger than 175 centimeters fork length have decreased from 5% to approximately 1% of the total population. The trophic level of the catch has decreased slightly, but there is no detectable decrease in the trophic level of the population. These results indicate substantial, though not catastrophic, impacts of fisheries on these top-level predators and minor impacts on the ecosystem in the Pacific Ocean.

  • 2006 - The Western and Central Pacific Tuna Fishery: 2006 overview and status of tuna stocks Tooltip

    (Adam Langley, Peter Williams and John Hampton)

    Tuna Fisheries Assessment Reports provide current information on the tuna fishery of the western and central Pacific Ocean and the fish stocks, mainly tuna, that are impacted by them. This report focuses on the main tuna stocks targeted by the fishery – skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), bigeye tuna (T. obesus) and South Pacific albacore tuna (T. alalunga).

  • SOUTH PACIFIC ALBACORE FISHERY: Summary of the Status of the Stock and Fishery Management Issues Tooltip

    Technical Report no 37: The SOUTH PACIFIC ALBACORE FISHERY: A Summary of the Status of the Stock and Fishery Management Issues  Relevance to Pacific Island Countries and Territories (Adam Langley - 2006)

    The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of recent studies on South Pacific albacore and highlight the key issues for PICTs to consider in the management of their domestic longline fisheries. The current (2005) stock assessment for South Pacific albacore concluded that there are no sustainability concerns regarding the overall stock and substantially higher yields could be taken from the fishery 


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