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  • Input and Result files ( 102 Files )

    This page provides access to the input and result files associated with SPC's tuna stock assessments.

    The assessments are currently run using the stock assessment software package Multifan-CL (MFCL). Follow this link to download a copy of the software. The formats of the input and output files are described in the MFCL manual.

    SPC routinely assesses bigeye, yellowfin, and skipjack tuna in the Western and Central Pacific, and South Pacific albacore tuna. Use the links below to access the files for the main assessments and (in some cases) alternative scenarios.

    New assessments are carried out each year and presented to the WCPFC Scientific Committee in August. The files associated with these new assessments will be placed on this website as soon as possible after 30 June of each year.

    File description – see MFCL manual for more details:


    • *.frq – input data file containing information on model structure, followed by catch, effort, and size frequency data.
    • *.ini – input file containing information on biological parameters, and some other initial parameter values.
    • *.tag – input data file containing tag recapture data.
    • doitall.* – input linux batch file which defines the stages through which the assessment is run, via a series of .par files.
    • catch.rep – output file containing estimated catch in weight by fishery and in total.
    • final.par – the final parameter (.par) file, which contains the parameter values estimated in the stock assessment.
    • plot-final.rep – a ‘plot.rep’ file produced from the final.par file, containing stock assessment results in a format easier for humans to read.
    • labels.tmp – labels for each fishery. The Multifan Viewer uses this file to identify the fisheries in its plots. 

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