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Drawing of an Alopias pelagicusWork is currently underway to assess the status of shark stocks in the western and central Pacific Ocean under a three-year Shark Research Plan. The plan was launched in mid 2010 with preliminary assessment of shark indicators including catch, catch per unit effort, size, maturity, sex ratio and fishing effort relative to areas of highest shark density. Research coordination and fishery statistics improvement components have also been initiated.



These components are essential for filling gaps in logsheet and observer datasets and for providing sufficient information for more detailed assessments. A series of stock assessments of key shark species designated by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (silky, oceanic whitetip, blue, shortfin mako and thresher sharks) will begin in 2011. Bayesian methods will be incorporated to better account for uncertainties in the available data, and both surplus production and simple age-structured models will be applied.


Full Document: iconA proposal for a research plan to determine the status of the key shark species

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