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The Shark TAGging Information System (STAGIS)
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 11:18

Carcharhinus longimanusSPC-OFP is very pleased to announce the launching of STAGIS the Shark TAGging Information System, which is now hosted on the SPC-OFP website for free public access. It can be accessed at http://www.spc.int/ofp/shark/.

This database was populated through the contributions of numerous shark researchers, who gave generously of their information and time to support this effort, as well as through a literature review conducted by SPC-OFP.


STAGIS contains meta-data (i.e. data about data) for approximately 200 shark tagging studies, i.e. more than 80,700 tags deployed on over 60 shark species in the Pacific Ocean. ·It is hoped that this information can help the scientific community of shark researchers to better understand the current status of shark tagging research in the Pacific. ·In addition to supporting stock assessments of the WCPFC key shark species to be conducted by SPC starting later this year, STAGIS can assist in highlighting issues for further research, facilitating research collaboration, and identifying critical habitats.


To familiarize themselves with the database, users may wish to read and follow the text on the “What’s in STAGIS?” page which describes how to search the database in four different ways. ·This will lead them through the main features of STAGIS and allow them to then explore other areas and features of interest.


Despite our attempts to develop an information system which is as complete as possible, there may be omissions, inaccuracies or mistakes that have inadvertently been included in STAGIS.· Users are therefore encouraged to provide feedback on the system as well as the data themselves, and to contribute new information to keep it a vibrant and useful tool.· Users can contact SPC staff Emmanuel Schneiter for website and database system suggestions, or Joel Rice for data corrections or additions.


SPC-OFP would like to thank all of those who gave of their information and time to carry out this project. ·We hope that STAGIS will prove to be a valuable contribution to regional efforts to conserve and manage sharks.

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