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Stock Assessment and Modelling welcomes new staff
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 08:56

The second half of 2010 has been a time of expansion in the Stock Assessment and Modelling Team as funds have become available to establish more positions to meet the ever increasing demands in this area. The WCPFC funded two additional positions – one in general stock assessment and one specifically in shark stock assessment.



Nick Davies shifted from his previous role in FFA liaison to take up the general stock assessment position in May while we were pleased to get Dr Shelley Clarke for the shark assessment role. Shelley completed her PhD at Imperial College in London and her research focused on estimates shark catches using fin trade data. Since this work, she has continued her role as an international shark expert. Shelley has already developed a “icon Shark Research Plan” which was accepted by the WCPFC Scientific Committee and forwarded to the Commission for adoption.


The new EU funded SciCOFish project  provided funding for another National level scientist and we were able to lure Dr Ashley Williams from the Ecosystem Monitoring and Analysis team at OFP to join Don Bromhead in this work in mid-September. Ashley obtained his PhD at James Cook University and has a wealth of experience in tropical fish fisheries, in particular the interface between science and fisheries management. Ashley was leading SPC’s work on tagging and biological studies of South Pacific albacore before his move to SAM, and his understanding of albacore will be useful for our work with our more temperate SPC members.


Finally on October the 1st, Dr Graham Pilling joined the team to take over the FFA Liaison role left vacant by Nick Davies. Like Shelley, Graham also obtained his PhD at Imperial College in London. Graham was leading up the Ocean’s Section at the CEFAS laboratory in Lowestoft. He brings experience from working with scientists and managers from the shared fisheries of Europe and has also been involved in many stock assessment reviews and Marine Stewardship Council Certification reviews.

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