Nan Yao
Fisheries Scientist (Management Strategy Evaluation Modeller)

New Caledonia

Telephone: + 26 20 00
Fax: +687 26 38 18

Information: Nan joined the Oceanic Fisheries Programme in January 2019 as a fisheries scientist working on Management Strategy Evaluation modelling and harvest strategy development for tuna stocks in the western and central Pacific Ocean. Nan completed a BSc in aquaculture at the Ocean University of China before moving to the US where she completed a Master Degree in Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture, at Auburn University Alabama in 2013. She then decided to have a go at fisheries assessment science and went on to complete a PhD on ‘Population dynamics and stock assessment of spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) in the Caribbean’ at the Florida International University, Miami in 2019. Nan is particularly fond of cats, she currently has two – Meimei and Jaguar. And No, she doesn’t need a third one.


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