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The Pacific Handbook for Human Rights, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Tuna Industries
Tuesday, 23 May 2023 11:58

The Pacific handbook for human rights (HR), gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) in tuna industries is an illustratively tailored guide designed to assist fisheries practitioners in national agencies, the private sector, training institutions or civil society organisations to better understand and apply HR/GESI lenses with the prosperous vision of an inclusive, equitable and socio-economically thriving Pacific tuna industry. The handbook consists of nine standalone modules that cover a wide range of thematic areas across the whole tuna industry from the sea to the shore to the overlapping nature with small-scale tuna fisheries and connected social impacts on communities, the science and management sphere and the importance of HR/GESI in stakeholder engagement processes.

The final module is a country case study from Fiji which investigates the whole range of HR/GESI issues from the national scale. The handbook refers to and explores the application of international and regional HR/GESI commitments and guidelines that can be used to reinforce governments’ duties and responsibilities, but also why and how private sector players can and must act and contribute to ensure a safe environment where Pacific Island women and men can find decent employment. Working conditions at sea or in processing plants, for example, are examined from a HR/GESI dimension whilst also presenting ideas for solutions that are practical and innovative to demonstrate how social principles can be applied. Pacific examples, visuals, individual stories, lessons learnt, good practices and hands-on tools such as checklists or action points, recommendations and tips have been used for all modules to enable an easy understanding and further facilitate HR/GESI application. The handbook is inspired by and builds on the Pacific handbook for gender equality and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture.

Downloads (pdf):

Handbook (in full) (15 MB)

Module 1: Overview of human rights, gender equity and social inclusion in tuna industries (2 MB)

Module 2: Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and social analysis (2 MB)

Module 3: HR and GESI at sea (3 MB)

Module 4: HR and GESI in port areas (1 MB)

Module 5: HR and GESI in onshore processing (1 MB)

Module 6: HR and GESI in the informal small-scale tuna sector (1 MB)

Module 7: HR and GESI in fisheries management and science (1 MB)

Module 8: Stakeholder engagement for HR and GESI in tuna industries (1 MB)

Module 9: Fiji Case Study (1 MB)

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