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Bruno Leroy
Fishery Scientist – Ecosystem Monitoring

New Caledonia

Telephone: +687 26 20 00
Fax: +687 26 38 18

Information: Bruno is a biologist, specializes in the collection of tropical tuna movement, behavior and growth data that are relevant to the management of these species’ fisheries.

After a BSc in 1986 at the University of Rennes (France), Bruno has been successively a biologist in a sub-Antarctic island and a lobster fisherman in the North coast of Brittany, France.
From 1992 to mid-1996 he worked for IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) in many roles, these experiences included at sea-observing, catch sampling, fishery activities surveys, cetacean sighting surveys and fish growth studies.
Bruno joined the Oceanic Fisheries Programme of SPC in June 1996 with the SPRTRAMP EU project. During this project and its successor, the PROCFISH EU, Bruno established a research laboratory devoted to fish ageing studies and completed tuna and by-catch growth studies by reading otoliths. He trained students to lab technics and observers at sea. He also started to tag tunas and this last role has expanded with the development of the tagging with electronic devices.
With the GEF/OFM project that started in Oct 2005, Bruno has been more involved in coordinating field and laboratory research to provide the data needed to enhance our knowledge of the pelagic ecosystem. From mid-2006 Bruno started to be involved in the implementation of the PTTP (Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme). This role became preponderant with the project expansion and the endorsement of its continuous activity by the WCPFC in 2016.

Bruno is married and has four children.


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