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    Incorporation of updated growth information within the 2017 WCPO bigeye stock assessment grid, and examination of the sensitivity of estimates to alternative model spatial structures. Vincent M. T., G.M. Pilling and J. Hampton. Oceanic Fisheries Programme, The Pacific Community.

    This paper describes the 2018 re-evaluation of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the western and central Pacific Ocean, incorporating an updated growth curve resulting from analysis of an enhanced set of otolith data, as requested by SC13. The analysis conducted followed the same methodologies as the assessment conducted in 2017 (McKechnie et al., 2017a,b; Tremblay-Boyer et al., 2017). We report the updated results of the uncertainty analysis (model grid) using the axes and weightings from SC13 for consideration in developing management advice. Following the precedent set by McKechnie et al. (2017a), we recommend that management advice be formulated from the results of the structural uncertainty grid. In addition to updating the structural uncertainty grid, we investigated the uncertainty surrounding the spatial structure of the assessment by creating an additional model with the northern boundary of regions 3 and 4 at 15? N, as a one-off sensitivity from two models in the structural uncertainty grid.

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